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Learn How to Handle Common Objections to Digital Accessibility Initiatives

It can be difficult to win the support, buy-in, or action you need from others for any initiative, let alone one for something that may be a new concept to many in the organization. Depending on their function or role, some will see digital accessibility as someone else’s problem or domain, some won’t think it’s worth the time or resources, and others may agree it’s important but just don’t see it as mission-critical.

This eBook is designed to provide you with example responses to common objections you’re likely to encounter so that you’ll be well-prepared to overcome any internal resistance.

Clearing Common Hurdles for Your Accessibility Initiative eBook cover and flyout pages
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Refute common objections relating to digital accessibility, including ones around:

  • Legal risk and associated cost
  • Number of people impacted
  • Market and industry drivers
  • Priority compared to other plans or initiatives
  • Reluctance to make changes to design and development

Download the eBook today and start removing roadblocks for your accessibility initiatives.

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