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We offer comprehensive accessibility audit, testing, and consulting services.


Monitoring Compliance for Section 508, American with Disabilities Act
(ADA), and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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Best-in-class Audit Services

Our audit reports can be used to improve system compliance and help protect your organization against legal action

Access Advisor: On-demand Expert Support

No matter where you are in your product lifecycle, you’ll find immense value in our guidance and direction

Tailored Training

We offer several options such as on-site classroom instruction, small group instruction, coding side-by-side with your developers, web-based, and interactive instruction for delivery of training

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Document Remediation

We help organizations quickly bring large documents into compliance standard


We understand how to write and customize scripts that give people with disabilities access

Strategic Consulting

We help clients develop an overarching approach to digital accessibility. 

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