Access Analytics

Access Analytics gives you a rock-solid foundation of insights
so you can prioritize your accessibility work to take care
of the most critical problems and focus your efforts around the most at-risk areas.

Access Automatic insights

Websites and systems are constantly changing and growing—which means your level of compliance is likely changing too.

Access Analytics can be deployed in no time—swift and painless—so you can have a steady read on accessibility issues, usage, and risk exposure for your website or app.

And don’t dread reporting time. Communicating detailed reports to executives and regulatory authorities on a continual basis suddenly becomes a cinch! It’s the perfect way to start your accessibility journey—and we should know, it’s the same tool we use ourselves.

Screenshot of Access Analytics dashboard showing different graphs and counts of accessibility violations

Integration is easy

Simply place JavaScript code into a page’s header – no impact on page appearance or load time

Deploy to a single website—or to thousands

Add effortlessly by using Google Tag Manager

Speedy information delivery

Get an immediate and comprehensive read on accessibility challenges

Catch violations that were encountered in real time by actual visitors

Analyze the impact of improvements and document progress

Analytics reporting
user viewing analytics reporting

Crystal clear reports

Highlight areas of concern and learn where to focus your efforts

Keep close tabs on remediation efforts with your risk score

Analyze compliance by a variety of groupings including section, site, host, and domain

Development lifecycle

Graphic showing that AMP is the platform for all products and covers all phases of the software development lifecycle with integrations for Jasmine, Cucumber, Karma, Jest, Appium, Selenium, Protactor, TestNG, IBM Rational Team Concert, JIRA, JUnit, and Sauce Labs. Access Analytics is shown highlighted and covers QA, Release, and Maintain stages as well.

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