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At Level Access we believe that technology can empower people of all abilities and be the driving force in creating a world accessible to everyone. To accomplish this goal, digital accessibility must be addressed organizationally and integrated throughout development processes rather than through ad hoc retrofitting.

The Accessibility Management Platform, or AMP, is your organizational command center, solving the complexity and challenges of enterprise-wide management so you can quickly and efficiently build, test, and maintain accessible systems.

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Supporting the Full Needs of Organizations

Whether you’re a small shop or a large enterprise, AMP can easily accommodate your goals and scale up or down as needed while supporting many different roles in one secure place

  • Identify accessibility issues and measure compliance when testing against WCAG 2.0 A, AA, and AAA, as well as WCAG 2.1, Section 508, CVAA, and any other laws, standards, or regulations relating to digital accessibility
  • With unmatched versatility, AMP allows multiple ways to test content and intelligent reporting that provides different views and options
  • Don’t just test and analyze – grow your own understanding from clear guidance and resources, including a best practices library, online self-paced courses, and more

Comprehensive Testing Without Limitations

Creating an accessible digital footprint and effectively mitigating risk starts with effective testing solutions. Advanced and easy-to-use testing tools for digital assets, from evaluating individual pages and elements within the browser to configuring scripted web crawls.

  • Run quick automated and guided tests of digital assets with the most powerful browser extension available for accessibility testing
  • Get step-by-step guidance for manual inspection right in the browser window with the Manual Testing Wizard
  • Create and schedule customized, unlimited scans on unlimited pages
  • Perform automated testing on native PDF content
  • Test pages behind authentication and in different stages of development
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More Than Your Average Report

Accessibility initiatives demand comprehensive reports that are tailored to specific roles within an organization. AMP users can access detailed reports with many views, including standards-based compliance levels, best practices for identified violations, affected modules, and violation prioritization. These report views allow organizations to document current accessibility status and compliance rates and create a prioritized project plan for addressing issues.

You want reporting to do more than simply tell you there is an issue… Fortunately AMP provides actionable information:

  • Severity, Noticeability, and Tractability (estimated level of effort required to fix) ratings for every issue
  • Compliant/Non-Compliant code examples
  • Recommendations on issues and additional tests to use for further evaluation
  • Filterable views for users to quickly get the details they need as they review and work

Access a Wealth of Knowledge

AMP reduces the industry standards into relevant, actionable conformance criteria that make things easier to understand. Best practices are categorized by technology platforms and content types, so all requirements are clearly defined at the code level.

The platform also includes a library of resources which help users learn key skills and subjects so they can properly ensure digital accessibility in their day to day work. AMP has self-paced online courses on relevant subjects, including:

  • Accessibility Concepts
  • Assistive Technology
  • Digital Accessibility Audit Methodology
  • Key Laws and Standards
  • Mobile Accessibility
Library of books and resources