Aetna’s Digital Accessibility Journey

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Dave Annecharico

“We’re obsessed with our members, making it easy for them to access all of our services and manage their health. And accessibility just fits right into that philosophy that we have.”

– Dave Annecharico | Director of Digital Accessibility and Usability

A commitment to members of all abilities drives one of the largest managed health care companies to deliver inclusive experiences across their digital properties.

Size: Nearly 50,000 Employees
Industry: Health Care, Insurance
Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Video: learn about Aetna’s accessibility journey

Aetna’s Director of Digital Accessibility and Usability, Dave Annecharico, shares the company’s story on what accessibility means to the company. He shares insights on the company’s mission to ensure accessibility for all of their members and how Level Access helped with their journey. Level Access is proud to call Aetna a vanguard of inclusion.

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