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A patch will be released to Access Engine on October 11, 2019. No outage will be required for this patch. Details about the issues being patched are below.

Patch Overview

  • Date: 10.11.2019
  • Patch Software Version: ENG 2.14.1, AST 7.7.1, CONT 3.2.1, EX 1.8.1, WEB 3.9.1, JAR 3.0.1

Patched Issues

  1. ENG-833:Access Engine was erroneously flagging content nested in NOSCRIPT tags. A recent update to Google Tag Manager outputs code that triggers this false positive, causing many pages on which Google Tag Manager is deployed to be erroneously flagged. Access Engine has been updated to fix this issue.
    1. NOTE: Access Assistant, AMP, Access Analytics, Access Continuum, Continuum Explorer and Webaccessibility.com have also been updated to use this patched version of Access Engine.