AMP Service Level Agreement (SLA)

LEVEL ACCESS will guarantee the availability of hosted AMP services at a 99.99% level excluding scheduled system maintenance, major public holidays and LEVEL ACCESS recognized holidays. If LEVEL ACCESS is unable to provide services at the stated level, on any day, LEVEL ACCESS will credit customer with one full day of services at no charge.

LEVEL ACCESS will provide notification to the Customer of scheduled systems maintenance within five business day of the planned maintenance.

LEVEL ACCESS shall have no liability for any failure to meet the service levels specified herein to the extent that such failure would have been avoided or the severity reduced but for the acts or omissions of Customer or any third-party service provider or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of LEVEL ACCESS and without LEVEL ACCESS fault or negligence. Unplanned service interruptions within LEVEL ACCESS’s control will be minimized.



  • Priority 1 Issue: A verifiable and reproducible error that causes the system to cease operating and causes a critical material impact to the Licensee’s business. This includes, but is not limited to, system outages and non-responsiveness.
  • Priority 2 Issue: A verifiable and reproducible error that results in a material degradation of usability, measured against documented design of system features. This includes, but is not limited to: missing or non-responsive features, severe performance issues, and/or unexpected errors when using primary AMP features.
  • Priority 3 Issue: All other issues that do not fit within the above categories. This includes, but is not limited to: questions about AMP features and functionality, unexpected results, and feature or enhancement requests.
  • Response Time: Time from submission of the request until the time when an LEVEL ACCESS staff member begins review and triage of the request.
  • Resolution Time:
    • For software defects, the time from submission of the request until the time when the defect is fixed and patched
    • For AMP feature questions, the time from submission of the request until the time when a response is sent to the requester.
    • For AMP enhancement requests, the time from submission of the request until the time when a response is received.

Submitting an AMP Support Ticket

Level Access’s support staff are available to address AMP support requests during the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm Eastern Time (GMT -05:00), Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. public holidays.

Users may report technical support issues directly through the AMP support email address (, online support request form or the appointed Level Access technical support representative.

To submit a ticket via online support request form:

  • In AMP, select the “Access Advisor” tab to be logged in to AMP Support.
  • In the AMP Support portal, select the “AMP Support” tab.
  • Select “AMP Support” in the issue type field and enter details about the issue or enhancement in the form, then submit the form.
  • A confirmation email will be sent from the system with a reference number for the ticket. Reply to this email or comment directly in the AMP Support portal to communicate further about the ticket with AMP support staff.

Service Level Agreements

Response Time: Triage and escalation of support tickets will be handled by the AMP Technical Support team as follows, during the above-referenced business hours:

  • Priority 1 Issues: 60 minutes
  • Priority 2 Issues: 1 business day
  • Priority 3 Issues: 3 business days

Resolution Time: Resolution is dependent on the complexity and severity of the request. An estimated time to resolution will be shared with the customer who reported the issue as soon as this is available.

Issues submitted outside of business hours will be handled within the above-mentioned response times starting from the start of the next business day.

Inaccessible System Remedy

In the unlikely event AMP is inaccessible for more than 5 consecutive business days from notification date. Notification must be received via the AMP support email address ( or by contacting LEVEL ACCESS Support Services as outlined in this agreement.

Actively Licensed AMP accounts will be entitled to 8 hours of Access Advisor for every additional 24 hour period (not to exceed the AMP license value).

Un-licensed Viewer Only accounts are entitled to hard-copies of all AMP Reports within 24 hours.