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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Support services:

Our support staff are available to address any platform-related questions or concerns five days a week, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M ET.

You can submit your questions or feedback directly to or through our Online Support Request Form.

Service levels:

We are committed to ensuring that we address and resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

When submitting feedback, please ensure you indicate the urgency of the issue. We will evaluate all submissions and make every effort to respond and begin resolving the problem based on the SLAs indicated below:

Service Level Agreements (SLAs): This table details the SLAs for various types of queries, categorized by severity, with examples and the targeted first response and resolution times.
Type of Query Severity Type Problem Ticket Examples First Response Time SLA Resolution Time Objective Estimate*
Software Outage Critical / Blocker (S1) Entire software is inoperable. No features are available; no operation is possible; and this has a critical adverse impact on client business operations. < 2 hours Within 24 hours
Software Issue Major (S2) A portion of the software is inoperable. Some key features not available, or not functioning properly; some operations still possible; and material adverse impact on client’s essential business operations. < 8 hours Within 2 business days
Software Issue Moderate (S3) Localized Problem: intermittent problem that affects productivity or ease of use of software; and less-than-material adverse impact on client’s essential business operations. < 2 Business Days Within 7 days
Software Issue Minor (S4) Minimal other inquiries, questions, or service requests <24 hours Within 30 days
Login/Access Logging in to the software by a single user is not possible. <2 hours Within 1 business day

First response time SLA

Level Access’s estimated time to respond to the submission, including an acknowledgment of the issue and receipt confirmation.

*Resolution time objective estimate

While we make every effort to address issues quickly, the time required to resolve an issue depends on both its complexity and severity. Please note that the times indicated are estimates. Once we evaluate the issue, we will communicate the estimated resolution time.

There are certain circumstances where our customers experience issues that we’re not able to replicate. We do not consider these issues and they are not covered under the SLAs above.

Please note that we will evaluate all issues and determine whether they should be fixed as part of an urgent fix, a pre-scheduled fix, or as part of scheduled software release.

Severity type:

S1: This is the most severe type of issue that causes our system to stop working, leading to a critical and material impact to your business. This includes, but isn’t limited to, our system shutting down or not responding, or emergency security risks.

S2: This type of issue makes our system more difficult to use than expected. This includes, but isn’t limited to, missing features or features that are not working as they should, severe performance issues, or unexpected errors while using the features.

S3: This type of issue is not considered urgent. You will still be able to use our system and can work around the issue within a reasonable timeframe.

S4: This type of issue is minor and can be easily avoided.