A note from Mark Steele, CEO and Co-Founder of eSSENTIAL Accessibility.

I’m incredibly excited to share with you that eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA) and Level Access have entered into a definitive agreement to merge. This is a new era for both of our companies and the digital accessibility market.

Why this merger, and why now?

This merger will represent a huge leap for the digital accessibility community. At eA, we’ve invested over 13 years in creating and innovating our category-defining Accessibility-as-a-Service platform that combines an industry-leading unified technology platform with expert managed services.

Level Access are pioneers of digital accessibility, providing a deep bench of accessibility consultants, training for advanced accessibility experts, their Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) technology, and champions of the accessibility community for over two decades.

Together, we will be able to strengthen and broaden our technology, services and consulting offerings for organizations of every size, enabling the accessibility of digital experiences for everyone.

The market for digital accessibility is growing, highly competitive, and maturing rapidly. Organizations are increasingly aware of both the benefits of achieving and maintaining digital accessibility, and their civil rights obligations to ensure equal access in their digital experiences. This merger is happening at the right time to accelerate digital accessibility adoption across as many organizations, and therefore digital experiences, as possible, helping us drive to our goal: a digital world that is inclusive of all.

What next?

There are customary regulatory processes that need to be followed. We expect the process to be complete by mid-2022. At that time, the two organizations will work closely together to develop a unified roadmap and new offerings for each other’s clients. Current clients will still get the same great platform and services they’ve always had.

Thank you

To our new joint team — thank you. This next, thrilling step in our organizations’ future will allow us to impact even more people’s lives and our success is thanks to your dedication and contributions.

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