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Summary: Improved Monitoring and Analytics on the eSSENTIAL Accessibility Platform helps you sort, prioritize, and optimize your accessibility issues, with actionable insights that will make an immediate impact on your user experience. Every time you update or make a change to your website, you might be introducing new accessibility errors. But how do you know for sure? By leveraging improved Monitoring and Analytics in the eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA) Platform, you’ll have the tools to help you better understand, prioritize, and optimize your digital accessibility work.

Monitoring 101

Monitoring is a baseline requirement for any sustainable accessibility program. It is the ongoing, regularly scheduled scanning of pages against accessibility standards. It provides peace of mind—assurance that work is happening in the background so that any changes you make that introduce accessibility errors are brought to your attention. This helps your team take action before errors continue to pile on and completely unravel your accessibility progress. When monitoring is active, it will deliver critical data points about each accessibility issue. Now, with eA’s improved Monitoring and Analytics, we provide the integrated data management tools you need to organize, sort, and prioritize those issues, with the resources to fix them. 

Improved Monitoring and Analytics (and why it matters)

Our improved Monitoring and Analytics enables you to scan pages in volume across your digital experiences, with a single view of your performance across every site. And you can set up monitoring from one convenient interface.

  • Prioritize pages that have the highest impact on accessibility: Easily sort pages based on their score to focus efforts on resolving issues that have the highest impact on user experience. Every page monitored will appear in a running list, with its associated accessibility health score. Move those with the lowest score and highest user impact to the top of the list. This visibility and capability help you prioritize the lowest-scoring pages for your development teams to tackle, improving efficiency.
  • Insights to help you maximize immediate impact. Insights are high-impact tips that will drive critical remediation work, making an immediate improvement on a page’s health score. For example, an insight might suggest that if you fix all findings in just one specific rule, you’ll bump your score up significantly. And a higher score means fewer barriers for users.
  • Alerts notify you if the health score of a page drops below a threshold. These real-time alerts will help you act quickly, immediately addressing any critical accessibility issues.
  • Actionable analytics to track progress and success. We’ve made data analytics easier to find, interpret, and act on:
    • The issue trend bar graph shows the date new issues were introduced, and the ratio of low, high, and critical issues on each page. With it, you can monitor trends in your findings and create action plans around them. For example, you’ll notice if your team is introducing critical accessibility issues every time they make an update. If so, you can focus training around those specific issues, preventing them from being introduced in the future.
    • The accessible health line graph plots your digital property’s accessibility health over time so you can see progression, including the scan date and health score on that date.

The benefits of an integrated platform With monitoring engaged on critical pages across your site, you have specific, relevant findings data and analytics. Now what? That’s the advantage of the eA Platform: one platform of tools and capabilities layered together to take you from finding to fixing. Here’s an example. Monitoring discovers an issue. Our Auto-Match Findings feature helps you make sense of it. It can clearly identify for you if that issue is one that you’ve never seen before, or whether you’ve reintroduced an issue you’ve seen in the past. It can automatically dismiss the issue if it’s a false positive, and automatically closes issues you’ve already fixed. If a finding does need action, Advanced Projects and Tasks streamlines project management to help you work on fixing it. This feature enables you to group issues into projects for better organization, and lets you assign findings as tasks to be actioned. And with our issue tracking integrations, you can then push those tasks into your familiar systems like Jira or Azure DevOps. You can track progress—from assignment to completion—all from the eA Platform. Go from issue identification to remediation in a streamlined, intelligent way. The result is a more usable site for more people.

Ready to get started?

When you’re ready to get started with the eA Platform, we’re ready to help. eSSENTIAL Accessibility is a comprehensive accessibility solution that combines tooling, testing, and technology with access to expert services and training, all at a fixed-fee price. Our solution is the market’s only full-scale, enterprise-ready Accessibility-as-a-Service platform, enabling you to meet your accessibility objectives and scale with confidence. To learn more, engage with a member of our team today.