Group, prioritize and track progress of your accessibility findings, and now sync issues between the eA Platform and Jira and Azure DevOps 

Management of your accessibility findings can be complex. Your team can see the issues in your digital accessibility monitoring tool, but these issues might be siloed, disorganized, and difficult to incorporate to your development process. Teams have had to export to spreadsheets, prioritize by hand, and manually import into Jira. There’s been no  streamlined way to address new accessibility findings in real time, assign and prioritize projects or confidently track progress. Until now. 

Introducing Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking

Our newest eA Platform feature, Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking, gives your team all of the tools needed to create and consolidate remediation workflows across your portfolio of digital assets. On the eA Platform, you can now group, prioritize and assign accessibility findings; sync issues between the eA Platform and Jira or Azure DevOps; and track all progress and communication within each ticket. 


  • Group findings into projects, allowing for better organization and prioritization.
  • Assign findings as tasks to be actioned, grouping those tasks into projects, and assigning projects to your team members.
  • Push issues, finding data, notes and attachments into Jira or Azure DevOps from the eA Platform, streamlining communication and collaboration. 
  • Review details of Jira tickets from the eA Platform, including assignees, issue type and priority (no need to separately log into your issue tracking system).
  • Track projects from assignment, to progress to completion. 
  • Request progression tests within the platform.
  • Review comments from accessibility testers within each task, enabling users to review and respond, for seamless integration.

With Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking, project managers will have the tools to create clear process maps with owners and deadlines, pushing those projects into Jira or Azure DevOps; developers will be able to see all of their assigned projects as part of their current Jira workflows, accessing all projects in one location; and all stakeholders can monitor progress and reprioritize when necessary. Your organization is better positioned not just to identify accessibility issues, but to create clear and concise action plans to correct them.

Watch these videos for a quick introduction to Advanced Projects Tasks and Issue Tracking:


Accessibility-as-a-Service Platform

Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking, is just one of the many features of the eSSENTIAL Accessibility Platform, a comprehensive accessibility solution that combines the efficiencies of automation and technology, with manual expertise and legal support.

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