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On Friday January 29th I will be presenting a technical session on “Choosing the Right Flash Accessibility Strategy” at the ATIA Leadership Forum in Orlando, Florida.

The session will address the distinct and shared accessibility requirements/best practices among different categories of Flash. Flash content can be categorized into areas such as decorative, non-interactive, media playback, link navigation, and form content/all other applications.

Planning for, implementing, and testing for only the relevant requirements can streamline the process of creating accessible Flash content and ensure that all applicable requirements are met.

For example, there are general accessibility requirements such as avoiding flicker, not interfering with other page content, and not disrupting accessibility features that pertain to all Flash content including decorative only Flash. Strategies to implement the required best practices and requirements will be discussed in the session including embedding decorative Flash content in such a way that it is not detected by assistive technology. Other requirements apply to all non-decorative Flash content such as the use of color including color contrast. Best practices such as these will be discussed for each layer or tier of complexity that is added to Flash content.

The session will culminate by discussing allowing users to make and set persistent Flash accessibility settings for a site and choosing whether they want alternatives provided.