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Improving the Lives of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and Their Families

Founded in 2004 by an Iraq veteran, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is the first and largest organization for new veterans and their families, with nearly 300,000 members and supporters nationwide. IAVA is a 21st century veterans organization dedicated to standing with the 2.6 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from their first day home through the rest of their lives.

IAVA strives to build an empowered generation of veterans who provide sustainable leadership for America. The organization works toward this vision through programs that support new veterans in the key areas of: health, education, employment and building a lasting community for vets and their families. IAVA creates impact through assistance to veterans and their families, raising awareness about veterans' issues, and advocacy for supportive policy at all levels of government.

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IAVA, in partnership with Level Access, has come together with leading global organizations and advocacy groups to offer a free assistive technology app that helps people with disabilities navigate the web, enhancing its mission through a more inclusive online experience.

A Coalition of Organizations Empowering People with Disabilities