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M-Enabling Summit June 13-14, 2016

In today’s opening remarks at the M-Enabling Summit Ambassador Luis Gallegos, current G3ict Chair and former Chair of the UN General Assembly Ad-hoc Preparatory Committee of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), shared some fascinating statistics on the penetration of digital accessibility worldwide.  These statistics are part of G3ict and DPI‘s 2016 ICT Accessibility Progress Report – a survey of 104 States Parties to the CRPD collecting data on country laws, policies, and programs pertaining to accessible and assistive Information and Communication Technologies around the globe.

2016 ICT Accessibility Progress Report Statistics


  • 38% No Accessibility Policy
  • 50% Policy with minimum implementation

Government Web Sites

  • 60% No Accessibility Policy
  • 21% Policy with minimum implementation

Mobile Phones and Services

  • 65% No Accessibility Policy
  • 25% Policy with minimum implementation

ATMs or Electronic Kiosks

  • 65% No Accessibility Policy
  • 14% Policy with minimum implementation

Telephone Relay Services for the Deaf

  • 78% No Policy

Top 10 Commercial Web Sites Accessible

  • 82% don’t have any

Assistive Technologies Available at Major Universities

  • 70% Not Available