Just announced: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility agree to merge! Read more.
Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility

I’ll tell you what, it’s a good day to be a Leveler. I’m proud to share our agreement to merge with a company we have admired for many years, one that has turned digital accessibility delivery on its head since the day they stepped foot on the scene. eSSENTIAL Accessibility and Level Access will soon be one, and I’m amped for everything this means.

From afar, I’ve kept close tabs on everything eA has done – amazed at all they’ve accomplished in half the life of Level. Between the two of us, we have covered a lot of ground for the advancement of access to technology. In coming together, we can give even more attention and focus to our shared passion of ensuring digital accessibility for all.

The beauty of coming together is both Level and eA are proactive businesses – every step we take is thoughtful and deliberate. We’ve got the luxury of time to think through where we want to be in five years and how the best of each company gets us there. And I am fully committed to taking the time to ensure we collaboratively design an approach to serve that end. A lot of what we’ve each done has been organically developed and it feels like we both recently picked the winning numbers. Together, we get to hit reset and redesign our approach, building on the successes and learnings of each other.

I could end this note with a cliché or tell you we’re ready to get to work, but the fact of the matter is we’re continuing the work we’ve been hammering at since 1997 – we just get to do so with a bigger, better team. This summer is going to be awesome as we learn about each other’s businesses, determine the best of each, and come out stronger and more equipped on the other side. Together.