Expanding Level Access’s Reach to Canada and Beyond

Vienna, Virginia – February 15, 2018 — Level Access, the global leader in digital accessibility, announces the acquisition of Simply Accessible, Inc., a digital accessibility company with offices in Canada and the U.S.

Level Access brings 20 years of experience in the digital accessibility space with a robust client roster that includes some of the world’s best-known brands in banking, telecommunications, retail, education, and federal government. Level Access’s AMP (Accessibility Management Platform) is a cloud-based, scalable SaaS that allows companies to manage accessibility across the development life cycle.

“I cannot overstate how excited we are about this deal,” said Level Access CEO Tim Springer. “After lots of discussion and lively collaboration, we discovered our teams dovetailed perfectly; we have the systemic, standardized, scalable approach to accessibility and they have an intense passion for education, usability, and UX. It’s the perfect match.”

Simply Accessible’s Founder, Derek Featherstone, joins Level Access as Chief Experience Officer, bringing his radically inclusive approach to User Experience, rolling out the year’s first teaching courses focused on Design, Usability, and Mobile Development. Featherstone said, “Together, we are going to achieve amazing things that we could never have done alone. We’re helping build solutions for organizations and people that are as exciting as they are inclusive. As a blended team, we understand both the big picture trends and insights, as well as the ground-level UX and code techniques needed to succeed. Accessibility is multidisciplinary, and so are we.”

Level Access is devoted to deepening their knowledge of how people with disabilities use the web, mobile devices, wearable technologies, kiosks, and assistive technologies. Its diverse, global staff has two decades of experience in the accessibility space, including over a decade conducting usability studies with people with all kinds of disabilities.

The purchase is effective as of February 15, 2018.

About Level Access
For two decades, Level Access has provided technology accessibility compliance solutions for corporations, government agencies and leading educational institutions, ensuring conformity with relevant laws, standards and guidelines, including the ADA, WCAG, CVAA, AODA, Mandate 376 and Section 508. With a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to support effective, long-term accessibility programs, Level Access helps clients address the full scope of accessible technology regulations with software, consulting and training solutions to ensure compliance in desktop, mobile and electronic document systems. Level Access is a portfolio company of JMI Equity.

About Simply Accessible
Simply Accessible is a leading expert in the digital accessibility field, supporting international clients to successfully build and maintain accessible solutions. Simply Accessible provides clients with a rich diversity of experience from all areas of the industry from strategy to design to development to testing. With a passion and focus on education, Simply Accessible uses every opportunity to provide accessibility and usability training throughout the project lifecycle. With more than a dozen years of conducting usability studies, Simply Accessible is dedicated to creating exceptional online experiences for real people, going beyond technical compliance to meet the needs of all users.