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Accessibility has quickly become a major focus within the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals among top organizations. But many of these same companies struggle with identifying, building, and implementing training and education programs around this topic.

In this session, Level Access Chief Innovation Officer Karl Groves will help you build a roadmap creating accessibility training programs for employees, while also explaining the importance of accessibility within your existing IT infrastructure, hiring practices, and existing DEI initiatives.

Specifically, he’ll discuss:

  • Which types of training programs are available, and which one works best for your organization
  • The most important and/or most requested topics to cover in accessibility trainings
  • The teams and roles whom you should include in accessibility training programs
  • How to make accessibility a part of your organization’s “daily DNA”

If you want to learn how to make digital accessibility and inclusion a top organizational priority, you won’t want to miss this session.

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About the speaker: Karl Groves

Chief Innovation Officer, Level Access

Karl GrovesWith decades of experience as a leader in IT consulting and accessible UX, Karl is a pragmatic solution-finder who has helped some of the largest organizations in the world overcome complex accessibility and usability challenges. His work is cited across several publications and has been widely adopted in Human-Computer Interaction curricula across the globe.

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