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There When You Need Us

Digital accessibility can be complicated work, but it can be made simpler and easier with the right help and guidance from experts. We can provide on-demand assistance for accessibility efforts with a team comprised of the best analysts, testers, and developers in the field. So, at key times you can let us take the lead on accessibility while your team focuses on what they do best.

Our specialists can perform critical tasks related to accessibility on-demand in order to meet your changing needs at any time, across the software development lifecycle. Whether its testing certain pages with a particular assistive technology or consulting on new technology, your team will have the best resources available exactly when needed, without having to figure it all out on their own.

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Let Us Be Your Guide

Reaching compliance is a process that involves many different areas of your business and it’s too easy to quickly get lost. Especially when you’re trying to retrofit existing applications and develop differently so as not to make things worse. With Access Advisor, we’re here when you need us—simply borrow our team whenever you need them.

Access our expertise to:

  • Get immediate help with project planning, testing, or development
  • Submit, track, and review support tickets with ease
  • Build an FAQ that is unique to your organization’s needs—automatically!
  • Maintain compliance through changes in technology and legislation
  • Avoid having to do everything in-house
  • Ensure proper implementation and fixes
  • Incorporate accessibility as early as possible into any creation process

Targeted Testing On-Demand

As part of Access Advisor, you will have access to our compliance and assistive technology testers, many of whom use assistive technology in their daily lives. Deploy their expertise as needed so you can get definitive answers and actionable results for your code and content.

  • Get swift feedback on key accessibility issues for systems with both technical and assistive technology testing
  • Request testing for a specific component, single screen, or module of a system
  • Let us evaluate specific pages or user paths for accessibility with various assistive technologies
  • After completing initial remediation efforts and solving issues, get validation that your fixes were successful
  • Get comprehensive manual tests against relevant accessibility standards when needed
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Intensive Remediation Support

A digital accessibility audit can often leave teams staring at a daunting list of violations. But Access Advisor can make remediation easier to understand and manage for your team.
Our team prioritizes your needs, identifies the low-hanging fruit, and codes side-by-side with your developers, seamlessly integrating accessibility solutions with your architecture.

We’ll also provide custom documentation and training for your developers so they can avoid similar violations in the future. With our on-demand expertise, you can approach post-audit remediation in the most efficient way and meet the gold standard of accessibility and ensure compliance.

Support Across the Product Lifecycle

No matter where you are in your product lifecycle, you’ll find immense value in Access Advisor. Our highly-trained staff will provide solutions for technical questions related to requirements, web development best practices, assistive technology, and other accessibility areas. By incorporating accessibility as early as possible into your processes, you can proactively avoid inaccessible practices and lengthy remediation.

  • Our specialists can team up with your designers to make sure that accessibility is incorporated from the outset to prevent retrofits and redesigns
  • We can review your wireframes, visual design comps, or other design artifacts for potential accessibility issues
  • Your design team can build their accessibility knowledge by working alongside our experts
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Development Support and Assistance

Let us assist while you fix and build so you can reliably produce accessible code. We can provide support to users in a way that works best with their development and testing needs at the time they need it.

  • Our specialists can resolve obstacles as they appear and provide direct support alongside your development activities as they relate to accessibility
  • We can plug our knowledge into your DevOps, whether answering quick questions that may arise when resolving issues to developing actual implementations of accessible code
  • We’ll help your team validate that they are following best practices correctly

Break Through Blockers with Agile Support

We can remove obstacles and prevent bottlenecks for your dev team by embedding our experts into your agile operations. This way, the right feedback is provided when it is most impactful – during sprints – and not after.

  • We can work with your scrum team for a series of sprints, actively influencing and directing the progress of development with accessibility in mind
  • Our specialists can accept aspects of the story that relate directly to accessibility and perform testing on user stories during the process
  • Your Scrum teams can work with native AT users throughout the process
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Digital Accessibility Consulting

Answers to Your Questions

Understand compliance and get answers to digital accessibility questions as they relate to all aspects of your organization. We not only understand the current landscape, but we constantly research so we can provide insights to keep you ahead of the curve.

Strategic Guidance

Our strategic consultants will help you get and stay compliant by building digital accessibility policies and programs and assisting in their rollout and implementation. We have our finger on the pulse of changing accessibility laws around the world so we can keep you steps ahead. Request assistance with technical and policy questions related to WCAG, Section 508, and other accessibility laws and standards, or get ad-hoc policy and program support for your organization at critical times