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Borrow our architects to build the program, training, and governance structure to support your development lifecycle.

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View your entire business through the lens of accessibility  experts.

We help organizations determine which technologies, products, and services are covered by specific provisions in digital accessibility laws. We also help them prioritize so that they can focus on the most important issues and use the results to drive any other digital accessibility efforts.

Knowing what needs to be tested, in what ways, and in what order is critical for starting an accessibility initiative correctly so programs can get the greatest impact, more efficiently.

Get a blueprint for your program

Follow our proven strategies and roadmaps for a successful accessibility plan.

We help clients develop an overarching approach to digital accessibility. After carefully reviewing and analyzing your organization, products, and services, we develop a multi-year strategy for your digital accessibility program and give you the policies and procedures needed to make it all run smoothly and efficiently.

Our experts define the high-level phases for developing and rolling out an appropriate digital accessibility program and create a clear picture of assigned roles and any centralized or distributed responsibilities.

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Craft the right response

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If you have a legal issue, we have an action plan.

For customers responding to active or existing inquiries or legal and regulatory complaints, we provide a strategy and other critical pieces for a complete response. Our strategic consultants work and keep relations with relevant government authorities and disability advocacy groups so we can advise our clients on the optimal strategy.

Our experts have deep experience in developing a substantive response to immediate digital accessibility legal and regulatory challenges. For those in Education, we can work on Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for OCR (Office of Civil Rights) complaints.

Your plan will also define the auditing methodologies that you’ll use for determining compliance. These will provide a range of formality in testing from ad-hoc and informal, to full, formal testing and a definition of what level of formality should be used at each stage in the development process.

Design and mature your operations

Validate accessibility at every stage of your development lifecycle.

Integrate procedures and best practices into the right operations and activities throughout your entire SDLC. Our experts can create a customized Style Guide that covers your most common and severe issues as well as a Quality Control and Monitoring Plan. We also work with organizations to develop a process and authoring guidelines for efficiently and consistently producing VPATs or other accessibility conformance reports that can be provided to customers or other parties.

Our experts have an unmatched track record when it comes to building organization-wide programs that can manage efforts across teams and functions. Our team can also measure your organization’s program against the Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM) to see how you are addressing the overall business problem and outline detailed recommendations to mature your efforts for greater effectiveness.

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