Access Alchemy

Need to patch common accessibility issues right away?
Use our web overlay to take immediate action without touching the code.

Save crucial time

Instead of relying on manual fixes for heaps of violations, users can easily remedy issues right from within the browser. The JavaScript-based extension makes remediation for many common, noticeable issues easier than ever before.

Save valuable time by immediately deploying automated fixes for common issues. After you define these fixes, they will be automatically applied anywhere else that same issue resides on your site—whether that page was ever tested or not.

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Fixes are easier than ever

Access Alchemy allows users to quickly define things like correct alternative text for images or proper form labels directly out of the browser – so they can overlay fixes to accessibility issues in minutes. This means you can improve key parts of the user experience and buy time for your team to resolve issues in the actual code and fix page templates.

For global issues that repeat across many pages or sections, users can test something once, define the fix, and it will apply anywhere else it appears.

Clear results and guidance

Users can view all issues detected across a site and shows those with multiple instances. Relevant best practices are included for each issue so users get guidance as they apply fixes directly in the window.

As you navigate through the issues found, fix options are displayed along with informative details that guide users to the proper fix. As part of regular maintenance, Access Alchemy will continue to highlight patchable issues from regular testing and reporting so users can quickly cover risk while they take time to examine the code.

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Don’t wait to improve accessibility

  • Applying patches right away can buy key time for your team to address the underlying sources of the issues in the actual code and even focus on other, more urgent obstacles.
  • Address a high number of duplicate issues at once instead of waiting to cover each individually.
  • Address some urgent issues until a coming update or release can remove all of the barriers.

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