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Pyramid with 5 levels of DAMM Maturity - Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed, Optimizing

In my previous posts in the Digital Accessibility Maturity Model Series I’ve introduced the 10 core dimensions of DAMM, the 3 dimensions of DAMM-HR, and the artifacts and aspects associated with each of the five levels of maturity for each dimension.  In the last four posts of this series I’ll discuss how to conduct a Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM) Audit to assess the level of maturity of a digital accessibility program and identify gaps between the current practice and industry standard best practices.

DAMM Audits are used to:

  • Provide benchmark-quality ratings of an organization’s current accessibility program;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s current accessibility processes;
  • Reveal development/acquisition risks, and;
  • Determine overall accessibility capability and maturity level ratings.

DAMM Audits are mostly used as:

  • Part of an accessibility process improvement program;
  • A tool for rating prospective vendors’ accessibility programs; and/or
  • A method for providing accessibility program ratings to prospective clients.

DAMM Audit Process

The DAMM Audit process consists of the following high-level steps:

  1. Preparation;
  2. On-site activities;
  3. Preliminary observations;
  4. Findings;
  5. Ratings;
  6. Final reporting; and
  7. Follow-on activities.

To conduct a DAMM audit, the organization must either utilize an internal independent audit team or an external vendor to evaluate the existing accessibility program against the Digital Accessibility Maturity Model. This audit will define the level of maturity of the program against the set of ten dimensions that comprise the five level Capability Maturity Model scale. The audit will identify the current maturity level, justify that level of maturity, and provide prioritized recommendations for moving to higher levels of maturity.

Coming Up

In my next post I’ll discuss DAMM Audit preparation, which includes the Kickoff, Artifact Review and Operations Review.