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Trade-Mark Usage Guidelines

Level Access is an independent organization dedicated to making websites accessible to the physically disabled through the deployment of assistive technology. The following guidelines must be complied with by each licensee (“Licensee”) of the proprietary marks (the “Trade-Marks”) of Level Access (the “Corporation”).

  1. Licensee shall not alter or obscure the Trade-Marks in any way.
  2. Licensee shall use the symbols ® and/or where appropriate, upon request by the Corporation. Each web page, website or other piece of material (e.g. marketing materials, advertisements, press releases, and brochures) that use the Trade-Marks should contain a legal line in the following form as proprietary notices:
    • “Level Access”, “Disability Community Involvement” and the “Web Accessibility (wheelchair/computer)” symbol/icon are registered trade-marks of Level Access in Canada, the U.S.A. and select locations.
  3. Upon request by the Corporation, Licensee shall take reasonable steps to ensure that the assistive technology licensed by the Corporation is recognized and identified by the public as originating from the Corporation. Such steps may include, but are not limited to, the use of additional copy, indicia, logos or other markings with the Trade-Marks.
  4. In order for the Corporation to preserve and maintain the image, reputation and value of the Trade-Marks, Licensee shall not use the Trade-Marks in connection with any assistive technology or other product or service unrelated to the Corporation.
  5. The Corporation has a significant interest in ensuring that the Trade-Marks are used only in connection with its assistive technology in accordance with the highest ethical and business standards. Any failure to do so may result in the Corporation prohibiting the use of the Trade-Marks.
  6. The Trade-Marks may not be used as plural nouns or verbs. The Trade-Marks may not be abbreviated by deleting a portion of the mark.
  7. Licensee may not adopt any product names, trade-marks, logos or company names that are confusingly similar to any of the Trade-Marks in meaning, visual appearance, or pronunciation.
  8. Licensee may not make puns out of the Trade-Marks or portray them in a negative light.
  9. The Web Accessibility icon serves as a link to
  10. The Web Accessibility icon must be placed in the header or upper right hand corner of the homepage and email templates for maximum visibility and stylistic consistency with positioning approved accordingly. Ideally, it should be anchored throughout the site if feasible and in email signatures.
  11. The following alt text description (i.e. the text message hidden behind the icon) must be associated with the Level Access icon for the benefit of the blind community:“This icon serves as a link to download the Level Access assistive technology app for individuals with physical disabilities. It is featured as part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”