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SSB BART Group’s new video series features short, introductory level videos created by SSB team members sharing demos of assistive technology and common accessibility challenges. In this week’s featured video, Senior Accessibility Consultant Thomas Logan discusses the importance of readability and demonstrates the Readability plug-in.

Reading articles on the web, we frequently see a lot of ads, banners and animations occurring on the screen. This is the type of material can make it very hard for a person with a cognitive impairment to focus on reading the actual article.  One example of an assistive technology for this type of user is the Readability plug-in, which can be launched via a Javascript plug-in on the individual page being read. Readability will take the main text of the article and style it in a way which makes it much easier to read. The line spacing between each line becomes larger which assists with reading and focus. All of the animations and images are removed from the content. The font is larger and it’s focused on the middle of the screen. The font color, column width and font size can all be customized within the tool, because the ideal settings are different depending on the user’s ability.

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