A bar graph creates a wavy blue trend line that is being ridden by tiny people. In the background are more charts and graphs.

Webinar: 2019 State of Digital Accessibility Part 1 – Market Drivers

Written by: Kim Phillips

UPDATE: The 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report is available now!

Original Presentation Date: February 26th, 2019

Level Access CEO  Tim Springer  shares key digital accessibility market trends and developments, and discusses the current state and projections for:

The Law

  • The rise of mass market digital accessibility litigation
  • Takeaways from recent notable cases
  • Regulations, and U.S. DoJ enforcement actions

The Market

  • Big picture Trends and Numbers
  • Accessibility Across Industries
  • Disability prevalence and impact by age

Main Stream Trends

Webinar resources include the recorded presentation, PowerPoint slides, and CART transcript.