Summary: Automatically discover PDFs across your website, test those PDFs for accessibility barriers, and request remediation with our PDF Accessibility Checker—now part of the eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA) Platform.How many PDFs do you have embedded on your website? Chances are—a lot. The PDF is popular. In fact, it’s estimated to be the third most popular file format on the web, making it more prevalent than JPGs, PNGS, or GIFs!It’s also likely the vast majority of your PDFs are not accessible for many users with disabilities. That means you’ve put time, effort, and money into making your website accessible, but the minute a screen-reader user, for example, comes across an inaccessible document, they’re blocked. The intended customer journey hits a sudden snag, and the user can’t accomplish what they set out to do. The impact of inaccessible PDFs is significant. Sometimes a PDF is one of the most important pieces of content a user needs to access, for example, medical documents, billing invoices, and financial and investor statements.Inaccessible PDFs are not only a usability barrier, they’re a legal risk.

Introducing the eSSENTIAL Accessibility PDF Accessibility Checker

With our newest product capability, the PDF Accessibility Checker, you can also leverage the eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA) Platform to crawl your site, discovering PDFs that are present. You can then test the accessibility of your PDFs and request remediation with a few simple steps, supporting your accessibility program and your compliance efforts.Within our platform, a dashboard view lists documents our crawlers find. From there, you can prioritize which documents you want tested, click to test, review results almost immediately, and check the number of rules that passed or failed. Our rule library is built upon the PDF/UA standard, the universally established standard for PDF accessibility. If a document has failures, requesting remediation is as easy as one more click. Our team then gets to work validating the failures identified, flagging any that are additional, and fixing all of them for you. We then deliver back to you an accessible PDF within our platform — no cumbersome email attachments required.

Benefits of the eA PDF Accessibility Checker

Not only can you test PDFs that are already live on your site, you can test new PDFs before they’re live and introduce barriers to your users:

  • Instantly catalog documents embedded in your site, as well as the pages where they’re found.
  • Request document testing, and then remediation, each with a single click.
  • Review detailed reporting with a passed / failed status of every rule, and in-depth descriptions of each.
  • Prioritize remediation based on document importance and number of accessibility issues.
  • Make your end-to-end experience more usable for more people.
  • Improve your legal compliance while reducing your risk of an ADA-related lawsuit or legal demand letter.
  • Consolidate all accessibility work in one location—the eA Platform.

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A suite of tests, one platform

With the eA PDF Accessibility Checker integrated into the multifaceted eA Platform, teams now have a suite of automated and manual testing capabilities within one convenient interface. From PDF testing to Design Evaluations, you’re now managing all of your accessibility testing tools—and workflows—from one centralized location. Ready to get started?To explore how your organization can benefit from the capabilities of the eA PDF Accessibility Checker and eA Platform, browse our solution capabilities or reach out to our team today. [irp posts=”23947″ name=”Improved Monitoring and Analytics: Now on the eA Platform”]