Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) and related products

The following people have contributed to the development and maintenance of AMP implementation, content, or provided substantial assistance in bringing AMP and associated products such as Access Assistant, Analytics, Alchemy and University to market.

  • Megan Alfaro
  • Jonathan Avila
  • Jim Baker
  • Jay Baskar
  • Nate Biddle
  • Chris Blouch
  • Kabita Chowdhury
  • Ryan Eady
  • Dan Field
  • Alistair Garrison
  • Michael Gilbertson
  • Tyler Gould
  • Brett Harris
  • Steve Hogdahl
  • Scott McCormack
  • John Nicely
  • Jerry Palmisano
  • James Pizzurro
  • Zahra Safavian
  • Mike Schutte
  • Timothy Springer
  • Justin Sucharksi
  • Jeremy Sumner
  • Brian Suojanen

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