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Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) and related products

The following people have contributed to the design, development, maintenance & implementation of the core Level Access products, such as AMP, Access Assistant, Access Explorer, Continuum, Explorer, Access Analytics, and Access University.


Product & Technology Team

  • Megan Alfaro
  • Jonathan Avila
  • Jim Baker
  • Jay Baskar
  • Rishi Bhatia
  • Nate Biddle
  • Chris Blouch
  • Kabita Chowdhury
  • Ryan Eady
  • Dan Field
  • Alistair Garrison
  • Kazan Glenn
  • Tyler Gould
  • Brett Harris
  • Steve Hogdahl
  • Joy Jaswinski
  • Malcolm McCarry
  • Scott McCormack
  • Kayla McNeil
  • John Nicely
  • Kristin Oberlander
  • Lee Offir
  • Jerry Palmisano
  • James Pizzurro
  • Zahra Safavian
  • Justin Sucharksi
  • Jeremy Sumner
  • Brian Suojanen


Level Access Contributors

  • Kevin Murphy
  • Mike Schutte
  • Timothy Springer


External Contributors

  • Revanth Bobba (Security Feedback)


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