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CSUN 2020 Webinar Series

Digital Accessibility Best Practices & Trends

This series brings 10 of our CSUN 2020 speaker sessions to you in 45-minute on-demand webinars.

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Webinars in the Series

Unpacking Commonly Misunderstood WCAG 2.1 Criteria with Jonathan Avila

The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group has created useful materials to help interpret the new success criteria, but there are still practical challenges in understanding the nuances of the criteria to accurately evaluate and report on WCAG 2.1 conformance. This presentation unpacks the complex criteria for accurate testing and reporting.

ADA and the Internet – Legal Update with Kristina Launey and Tim Springer

Seyfarth Shaw LLP Partner Kristina Launey and Level Access CEO Tim Springer discuss recent legal developments and court decisions, and steps you can take to minimize legal risk and protect your organization.

Micro and Macro Trends: Digital Accessibility in 5 Years with Tim Springer

There are lots of opinions about digital accessibility but not as many facts. Dive into the actual data around legal attention and enforcement, changing attitudes toward technology regulation, the nature of work, and the maturing market.

Where Accessibility Lives: People, Process, and Tools with Derek Featherstone

To ensure accessibility as an outcome, organizations must ensure that accessibility and inclusion are embedded in their mindset, processes, and tools they’re already using, rather than in the head of a single accessibility expert. Review real-world examples of how to make accessibility live in your automation tools, style guides, pattern libraries, and design systems.

Inclusive Design: How We Do Our Work Matters with Derek Featherstone

Focusing on inclusive design as a process rather than accessibility as the outcome creates better long-term ethical practices to achieve our goals of digital accessibility. Learn about 4 key aspects of inclusive design you should be doing now, designing with people with disabilities, not for people with disabilities.

VPAT and Accessibility for International Markets with Mitchell Evan

Learn how effective accessibility disclosures (formal communications) can be a crucial step in closing gaps between suppliers and buyers, and users and organizations. Get an overview of two types of disclosure formats, mandatory elements of each, and when and how to use them.

Designing Inclusive Extended Reality Experiences with Jonathan Avila

An overview of Extended Reality (XR) environments, the state of accessibility for XR experiences, practical guidance on functional access, and best practices for designing inclusive user experiences.

Accessibility for Gaming Consoles and Streaming Devices with Sarah Schaidt

CVAA requirements extend past traditional internet browsers on personal computers to include mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and streaming media devices. This session explores the various CVAA guidelines for gaming consoles and streaming media devices, required testing and documentation, and guidance to successfully achieve compliance.

Practical Advice for Inclusive Game Design with Jonathan Avila

A brief overview of accessibility related patterns, guidelines, and regulations along with practical tips on making gameplay inclusive across all genres and perspectives.

Accessibility for Electronic Music Creation with Nat Tarnoff

Nat conducted a study of musicians to see how and if they have learned to use synthesizers, drum machines, DAWs, and midi controllers to make music. He discusses the survey results in detail and explores some of the programs like the OHMI Trust that are working to make traditional instruments available to those with disabilities.

The Presenters

Tim Springer headshot

Tim Springer

Headshot of Jonathan Avila

Jon Avila
​Chief Accessibility Officer

Derek Featherstone

Derek Featherstone​
Chief Experience Officer

Headshot of Sarah Schaidt

Sarah Schaidt
Manager Accessibility Services

Headshot of Nat Tarnoff

Nat Tarnoff​
Lead Accessibility Consultant

Headshot of Mitchell Evan

Mitchell Evan​​
​Lead Accessibility Architect