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State of Texas Department of Information Resources

Accessibility Services


Level Access is approved to provide Accessibility Services to the Department of Information Resources (DIR) partners, which includes Assessments of Websites and other Digital property, Professional Remediation Assistance, Training, Policy and Program Consulting, and SaaS based tools to assist all DIR members achieve the highest level of digital accessibility compliance.


AMP + Continuum — Accessibility and Remediation Software: AMP (Accessibility Management Platform) is a SaaS-based solution for testing, reporting, best practices, and remediation guidance for accessibility across the entire development lifecycle. Actionable reporting and a robust knowledge base allow available compliance goals to be achieved faster. Developers, QA Testers, and Product Managers can identify and fix accessibility issues earlier during pre-production using our advanced Software Developer Kit that integrates seamlessly into their existing tools and processes.


Access Academy: Access Academy is our e-learning environment that can be used to train all levels of your team, from IT staff to content creators. Its vast array of courses can be purchased individually, in groups or as a whole curriculum, and has the ability to track user progress. This self-paced learning platform, delivers the content with videos and presentations, with topics such as accessibility 101, lessons in laws and regulation, and ways to make every day content such as PDF’s and word doc’s accessibility enabled.


Access Analytics: Access Analytics monitors live websites and provides clear, understandable dashboards which allow users to spot important patterns or trends and focus efforts around the most at-risk areas. With Access Analytics you can get a high-level overview of your system’s accessibility issues so you can make intelligent decisions, monitor for changes, and measure progress.


Accessibility Consulting Services: Level Access Accessibility Consulting Services allow you to leverage the decades of accessibility knowledge here at Level Access to advance your accessibility best practices. Explore these services for assistance with automated, manual, or functional testing, accessibility development, captioning, usability studies, program and policy consulting, or most any accessibility service in support of your program.


Please contact to obtain a quote, schedule a demonstration, place an order, or send a purchase order. Please reference contract number DIR-CPO-5113 on all purchase orders.

David Galvin
Federal Account Executive
(205) 777-7337 (Cell)


Product Warranty and Return Policies:

Order Fulfiller will adhere to the Vendor’s then-currently published policies concerning product warranties and returns. Product warranty and return policies for Customers will not be more restrictive or more costly than warranty and return policies for other similarly situated Customers for like products.

Contract # is DIR-CPO-5113

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