Webinar: Creating Accessible Digital Experiences for Connected Devices

Web and mobile accessibility initiatives have started to become very commonplace in the cultural, legal, and technical strategies of corporations around the world. This is in part thanks to institutions like W3C and their publication of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). When organizations look to become more inclusive in their product and service offerings by prioritizing digital accessibility, they are able to turn to WCAG and similar competencies to get them going. What happens, however, when the application or device you want to ensure is accessible isn’t explicitly covered by WCAG or another governing form?

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Image showing phone, laptop and a video game console

In today’s world, people are no longer accessing applications exclusively through their PC and mobile devices. They’re simultaneously taking advantage of a host of other “smart” or “connected” devices such as smart TVs, digital media players, gaming consoles, virtual assistants, IOT home devices and more. In this interactive Webinars, Chief Accessibility Officer Jonathan Avila talks about how to approach accessibility for these devices when there may not be clear cut guidelines to set the standard.

Key topics include:

  • Connected/Smart devices and WCAG
  • When–and how–to apply accessibility standards when developing applications for these devices
  • The future of connected devices and accessibility compliance

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