Webinar: Creating Inclusive Digital Banking Experiences for a Diverse Population

Diversity & inclusion are more than just buzzwords; they are the way for banks to better serve everyone in their community. This Webinars delves into a sometimes overlooked aspect of diversity and inclusion—accessible and inclusive digital experiences.

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Digital banking apps on a smart phone

Panel members from the American Bankers Association, National Disability Institute, Regions Bank, and Level Access answer questions on topics like:

How digital accessibility and inclusive design have evolved in the banking sector
What’s “covered” under inclusive digital efforts and how that relates to digital accessibility
The role of empathy in building more inclusive digital experiences for a broad range of customers
How to initiate (the sometimes difficult) internal conversations regarding diversity, inclusion, and accessibility

Learn how banks are working toward increased diversity and inclusion through accessible digital solutions, and what steps you can take to begin the process in your own organization.

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