Webinar | Executive Briefing: Winning More Deals with Accessible Digital Products

If your company has a product or service it wants to sell, it’s become an increasing certainty that buyers and procurers will ask you if your product is demonstrably accessible to all types of users. If your answer is “no,” that will very likely translate into losing out on sales to your competitors.

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In this webinar session, Level Access CEO Tim Springer provides first-hand data and insights demonstrating how more and more companies are focusing on digital accessibility as part of their organization’s goals for:

  • Increasing the company’s B2B/B2G sales of products and services
  • Getting ahead of potential client requests during the sales/procurement cycle
  • Providing the best UX for all users of their products & services
  • Positioning their company as a positive force for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

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