Webinar | The Secret to a Sustainable Digital Accessibility Program

When creative agency and tech consultancy Wunderman Thompson recently embarked on a client website redesign, it partnered with Level Access to eliminate approximately 80 percent of accessibility errors before they were ever written into code—saving the client time and money, and ensuring a better user experience for all, right from the start.

How did the team accomplish this level of accessibility efficiency, and how can you do the same?

As we elevate the importance of digital accessibility on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Wunderman Thompson will share its secret to creating a sustainable digital accessibility program, how it’s approach significantly reduces accessibility errors without extra strain on resources, and practical takeaways for programs of any scale.

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Wunderman Thompson + Level Access Webinar featuring Joshh Loebner, Global Head of Inclusive Design at Wunderman Thompson and Dana Randall, Head of Accessibility at Level Access

Tune in to Josh Loebner, Global Head of Inclusive Design at Wunderman Thompson, and Dana Randall, Head of Accessible UI Design at Level Access to learn:

  • The process Wunderman Thompson used to approach the Berkley Insurance site redesign, and the impact for the company and its end users
  • The foundations of Wunderman Thompson’s inclusive design practice, and how it helps organizations understand and meet the needs of all users
  • Practical advice for maximizing the impact of your digital experiences, and the Level Access tools that will help

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