Webinar: Is Your Mobile Content Accessible

Mobile usage is growing at a rapid pace as the ways we use our devices continually evolve. Using smartphones to perform basic activities of daily living like banking, shopping, or scheduling appointments is no longer just a convenience—it’s become the norm. And the ability to use these features is often even more valuable to people with disabilities, removing real world barriers to the products & services they need.

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Several screens showing websites and apps. Bubbles float around them with icons like calendar, chat, and shopping cart.

Ensuring your mobile apps and mobile web content is accessible isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a legal requirement. Digital accessibility lawsuits continues to rise, and settlement agreements are increasingly including both web and mobile accessibility requirements.

In this overview on mobile accessibility Chief Accessibility Officer Jonathan Avila will walks you through:

  • Current trends in mobile usage
  • Accessibility requirements for mobile applications and mobile web
  • Common mobile accessibility issues and their impact on users with various disabilities
  • Testing and development strategies for mobile apps and content

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