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Elevin Community EditionPeople with disabilities regularly run into barriers when they use the web causing them to be shut out from essential aspects of life. Most organizations are unaware that their website or digital application has accessibility issues that are preventing users from being able to digitally engage with their business.


Fortunately we provide an easy and free way to test your websites and applications in order to identify common digital accessibility issues. To get started, visit our free tester tools at


Test your public website

All technology, including websites, must grant barrier-free access to people with disabilities. Is your website accessible? Use our free URL checker tool to find out your accessibility health score.
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Test your app or secure website

Need to test an mobile app or secure site? We have tools for that. Our tools provide additional flexibility for testing throughout the entire development lifecycle.
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Next Steps


1. Register for Free Monitoring

Once you receive your health score, register for free site monitoring via Level Access’ Elevin Community Edition. Elevin is an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard where you can find your latest results, view progress over time, and so much more. You can get simple summaries of your most common issues and where they reside, as well as helpful guidance and learning resources.

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Elevin Screen - Average Health


2. Log in to View Dashboard

After signing up, you’ll enter the URL you want to have monitored for potential barriers. On your dashboard, you’ll receive an accessibility “Health Score” based on your results. This is your digital property’s high-level summary – plus several deeper, actionable insights.

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Elevin dashboard


3. Get Instant Analysis

In addition to high-level summaries, Elevin automatically identifies the most critical pages or components to prioritize. View every issue identified in your recent scan and exactly where and how often it’s reproduced across the web property.

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Elevin Instant Analysis


4. Fix and Monitor

You also get guidance around fixing those issues with Accessipedia, our accessibility knowledge base that provides contextual help, along with free introductory courses. You’ll even receive alerts to sudden changes in your UX, so you can act quickly. Instead of relying on various ad hoc automated tests, use Elevin Community Edition to monitor your web property and get valuable insights you can take action on.

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A collage of screenshots from the Elevin platform including the Portfolio, Risk Matrix, Average Health score, and Test Data.