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Digital assets and spaces for federal and local governments must meet accessibility guidelines. Level Access’s Accessibility Management Platform, AMP, provides everything you need to successfully comply with these guidelines all in one place including:

  • Comprehensive Testing Options and Support. AMP tests all your digital assets, including individual browser elements, single pages, and pdf content.
  • Versatile Reporting for all Roles and Needs. Custom-tailored reports will tell you exactly what you need to achieve compliance.
  • Rich Guidance and Learning Resources. Access to our best practices library mapped to industry standards as well as access to base courses within Access University.
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AMP is FedRAMP Authorized

AMP by Level Access is the only accessibility management platform with FedRAMP authorization.

Why Does That Matter?

FedRAMP Authorized CSPs like Level Access must conduct regularly scheduled system maintenance, create business continuity and contingency plans, and meet rigorous security protocols. This translates into benefits for YOU:

Save Time and Resources

No need to perform your own security assessments, since CSPs have already met strict security requirements

Gain Peace of Mind

CSPs are required to maintain business continuity and contingency plans

Increase Market Opportunities

Access public sector opportunities that require FedRAMP authorization

Satisfy Security Requirements

CSPs are required to meet rigorous security protocols to become and remain FedRAMP Authorized

FedRAMP authorization is required for most purchasing decisions for federal government agencies. While FedRAMP authorization is not a requisite for state and local governments in the purchasing process, it is an added benefit that can expedite the purchasing process and prove the high security of your vendor of choice.

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What is FedRAMP?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government program that streamlines the adoption of cloud products and services into the federal government by emphasizing security and the protection of information.

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Why is Digital Accessibility Critical?

Creating and maintaining accessible content opens up business opportunities, while having inaccessible digital assets can present risks to a company.

Legal Obligations

In the Federal Government

The federal government requires all its electronic and information technology (EIT) products or services are accessible to people with disabilities.

This is legally required under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 508 applies to both federal agencies, their contractors, and vendors. If you sell into these markets, you will need to comply with specific digital accessibility standards.

In State and Local Government

In State and Local Government

Each state and local government adheres to its own mandates regarding the accessibility of EIT products and services, but nearly all states and most large local governments have some kind of standards.

Here is a breakdown of State and Local Laws regarding web accessibility.

As with federal government, if you sell into these markets, you will need to comply these standards.

In the Private Sector

Many private organizations and companies, especially in highly regulated industries, often require accessibility for their IT purchases. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that companies provide accessibility in “spaces of public accommodation”.

A company’s websites and digital assets are now generally considered to be spaces of public accommodation.

ADA compliance lawsuits are increasing against companies with inaccessible websites. To avoid legal risk and to optimize the level of service provided, it is critical that companies ensure their websites meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Market Risks & Opportunities

Removing the barriers to service opens your business up to a much broader customer base.

  • Around 1 in 4 American adults has a life-impairing disability.
  • The annual discretionary spending of people with disabilities is around $200 billion dollars in America and $7 trillion globally.
  • Anyone can experience temporary or situational impairments. Accessible design supports those going through routine experiences like sprains, migraines, lost glasses, allergies, and loud environments.
  • Digital accessibility supports the aging population as their abilities diminish with age.

Ignoring digital accessibility can lead to negative press and threaten a brand’s reputation. While a focus on accessibility strengthens a brands reach and reputation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Technology and online services are now essential parts of our lives. Those with limited access to digital services are cut off from full and equal participation. Accessible design accommodates the needs of all your visitors, while smoothly guiding them towards your intended next action.

Web accessibility done right puts the user experience first. When brands remove barriers to service by integrating usability principles, they gain improved customer satisfaction, higher loyalty, and experience longer customer lifespans.

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Who is Level Access?

Level Access has supported the accessibility initiatives of more than 2000 organizations from Fortune 500 enterprises to public sector and government agencies, educational institutions, and private sector businesses of all sizes. Our industry-leading software, consulting, and training solutions provide the full 360-degree coverage needed to ensure accessible and compliant websites, mobile apps, software, and other technology, while protecting against legal risk.


Here are some resources that take a deeper look at the requirements for selling to the federal government and answer frequently asked questions.