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Level Access’s Director of Accessibility Research, Alistair Garrison, was given the “Best Presentation Award” on October 27, 2017 at the ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium in Washington, DC.

The presentation, covering his peer-reviewed paper on “Continuous Accessibility Inspection and Testing,” was one of 14 given over the two-day event.

The attendees were given an overview of how accessibility testing can be supported using the infrastructure, systems, and roles commonly found in Agile or DevOps organizations – so accessibility testing simply becomes one more test type and a regular part of the process.

Through Garrison’s presentation, the audience was introduced to a range of generic automated testing and monitoring tools along with the points in a Continuous Delivery process where those tools can be most effectively leveraged to find and remove accessibility issues at the earliest possible opportunity. The emphasis on the use of automated testing and monitoring tools mirrors the high priority placed on automation of the “delivery pipeline” in a Continuous Delivery process.

We’ve also made the presentation accessible on our website for those of you who weren’t at the conference.CSUN logo

The ideas presented in this paper and presentation will be further developed by Alistair Garrison for his “Continuous Accessibility Testing” presentation at next year’s CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, March 19-23, 2018. Be sure to join our mailing list to be updated on Level Access’s CSUN presentations, as well as our free webinars between now and then.