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Written by: Rachel Pagliarini
4 months ago
A team of working professionals discussing digital accessibility tools via video chat.

Access Academy combines leading industry knowledge with proven learning retention techniques to build practical accessibility expertise

May 23, 2022 (VIENNA, VA) Level Access, the global leader in digital accessibility, today announced the launch of its all-new learning platform, Access Academy. The Access Academy platform serves to help organizations improve accessibility processes without disrupting product roadmaps. Users learn the skills they need, in a non-disruptive manner, to solve their real-world accessibility problems. The integrated training platform includes advanced features like weekly live training sessions, role-based learning paths, and tailored learning.

“Our mission is to support the accessibility initiatives of organizations and ultimately create a world where digital systems can be made readily accessible to users with disabilities,” said Tim Springer, CEO of Level Access. “Level Access guides organizations to attain compliance while bolstering equity. Accessibility is complicated and can be difficult to learn and apply to practice. Access Academy makes accessibility topics approachable, using proven training and learning practices to ensure retention and applicability to users’ day-to-day jobs. With Access Academy, businesses can become self-sufficient, achieving mastery of their own digital accessibility efforts. We are thrilled for the launch of our new training offering and what it means for creating all-inclusive digital experiences.”

From the initial steps of web and mobile app development, the guided planning and self-paced training courses available across Access Academy will help all members of an organization, from designers and developers to product owners and marketing professionals, organically identify what aspects of their digital interface need immediate attention, create a training roadmap, and inevitably develop a workforce confident in their knowledge and skills.

Access Academy provides comprehensive training tools and programs that empower accessibility experts, product owners, and development leads in organizations of all sizes to improve accessibility processes and meet compliance, including:

  • Self-paced training courses covering a broad range of topics, including laws and regulations, mobile accessibility, testing tools, and assistive technologies.
  • Guided planning and development of your training road map to build the most impactful training program for your organization’s credentials and certifications.
  • Role-based learning paths for all members of an organization, from product managers and developers to designers and marketers.
  • Microlearning modules present key concepts as bite-sized content that keeps learners engaged and reinforces training from full-length courses.
  • Tailored learning credits that can be purchased in advance and redeemed to customize your training and meet your organization’s needs.
  • Weekly live training and Q&A opportunities on a broad range of accessibility topics. Opportunity to avail of tailored live training sessions for your organization.
  • Reporting and alerts provide insight into how individuals and teams are progressing in their skill development. Review program performance, gather feedback, optimize, and automatically alert users of completion.
  • Badges and certification for LinkedIn profiles and certification exams for professional development.

“Building awareness around accessibility begins with ensuring businesses and organizations garner the tools and skills needed to understand and achieve equity from within. This means all establishments should have the ability to provide employees and members a customizable digital accessibility training platform to fit their unique needs,” added Springer. “Access Academy is the industry’s most holistic learning program that can be seamlessly integrated without compromising the unique elements that differentiate an organization’s process.”

About Level Access

Level Access provides industry-leading and award-winning digital accessibility solutions to over 2,000 corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions. Level Access’s mission is to achieve digital equality for all users by ensuring technology is accessible to people with disabilities and the growing aging population. Founded in 1997, Level Access has an unparalleled history in helping customers achieve and maintain compliance with the full scope of accessible technology regulations and standards including the ADA, WCAG, CVAA, AODA, EN 301 549, and Section 508. Delivered through a comprehensive suite of software, consulting services, and training solutions, the company’s solutions ensure customer’s web, desktop, mobile, and electronic document systems are accessible to everyone. Level Access is endorsed by the American Banking Association, named a White House “Champion of Change” in 2014, and multi-year repeat winners on the Inc. 5000 list of fast-growing companies. To learn more, please visit