TORONTO (May 29, 2013)—Good360 today announced it has joined a coalition of leading brands seeking to reach more people with disabilities, led by eSSENTIAL Accessibility. As part of its efforts, Good360 is hosting an assistive technology application on its website,, and launched a branded communications channel to directly engage people with disabilities, including nonprofits, partners and donors.

eSSENTIAL Accessibility’s assistive technology application provides a suite of keyboard and mouse replacement solutions, among other tools. The app is free of charge to the end user and can be downloaded by clicking the blue wheelchair and keyboard symbol located on

Good360 also worked with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to create the Good360 Disability Channel, a custom gateway that highlights the organization’s mandate of working with some of the world’s leading brands to efficiently donate slow-moving, obsolete and seasonal inventory to an extensive network of prequalified charities, schools and libraries — more than 1,000 of which serve the disabilities community directly.

“We are thrilled to be joining this important coalition of organizations that truly see the importance of engaging and empowering people with disabilities,” says Melissa Trumpower, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Good360. “Over the past 30 years, it has been our mission to support communities across the globe and it was immediately clear that this was the next step for us in continuing on our path of driving positive social impact and helping people in need.”

“Good360 is an admirable organization whose mission we see many parallels to ours — to bring big organizations together to create social impact,” says Simon Dermer, Managing Director of eSSENTIAL Accessibility. “By making Good360’s online communications available to people of all abilities, we can help further uplift and bring exposure to their work and mission,” he says.

About Good360
Good360 was created in 1983 to help companies efficiently donate slow-moving, obsolete and seasonal inventory to charitable organizations. These products are new and include nonperishables such as apparel, books, toys, personal care products, office and school supplies, computers and much more.  Today, the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy distributes goods to a network of more than 35,000 prequalified charities, schools and libraries on behalf of America’s top brands. Good360 has been recognized by both the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and Forbes for its excellence and efficiency, respectively, in helping companies drive their bottom lines and at the same time do social good. For more information, visit

About eSSENTIAL Accessibility
eSSENTIAL Accessibility is the smarter way to digital accessibility compliance. We power brands to empower people by helping them deliver inclusive web, mobile, and product experiences that comply with global regulations, and ensure that people of all abilities have equal access. For more information, visit

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