As the leading provider of digital accessibility solutions, we are committed to creating a world where digital systems are readily accessible to users with disabilities. But we had a problem. Our name—SSB BART Group—didn’t reflect the amazing work that our team was doing. It was time for a change, so we hopped into the nearest phone booth and stepped out as Level Access. Just kidding! It took a lot more work than that (think: messaging & positioning methodology, corporate & logo development, visual brand strategy, and corporate identity strategy, all spun into a multi-asset rollout launch plan).

We were founded in 1997 by engineers with disabilities, and we’ve been in the accessibility business since before the existence of Section 508, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and longer than all our key competitors. Over the past two decades, we have supported the accessibility initiatives of thousands of public and private sector organizations, from government agencies, to enterprise-class firms, to leading educational institutions.

As we grew—both in size and in reach—we came to realize that we needed a name that represented what we do. We level the digital playing field, helping users with disabilities access information, communicate, shop, and lead more independent lives. In doing that, we ensure that our clients meet their legal and go-to-market needs in a robust and defensible fashion.

Check out our vibrant new look here on our website, and learn how our products and services can seamlessly integrate accessibility into your software development lifecycle.

Whether you’re developing websites, apps, software, or hardware, we have valuable information for you and our goal is to support you in making well-informed decisions in how to build your digital accessibility programs. Don’t miss our blog, where you’ll find insight and analysis of accessibility issues and tips on how to avoid legal challenges, as well as our webinars page, for a wide selection of presentations on digital accessibility.

At Level Access, we are very proud of the work we do, and our new name represents our commitment to help our clients design and develop technologies that work for everyone.