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Automated Accessibility Testing for Your Development Lifecycle

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Get real-time feedback for your developers by integrating our testing engine into their dev tools so they can catch accessibility violations as they go, rather than playing catch-up later. Plugging Access Continuum into your CI practices makes continued compliance crazy easy. Take a proactive approach and check for violations while running standard automated tests for other bugs and errors, all in the same place.

About Access Continuum:

  • Easily integrates accessibility into your development lifecycle
  • Like your QA tools? Keep them. Access Continuum is tool-agnostic!
  • Run tests on a code snippet, a node in a rendered page, or a fully-rendered page

Building accessible software is best accomplished by incorporating accessibility best practices in each stage of development from design to release. Access Continuum is the addition of our rich JavaScript accessibility testing library into an Automated Testing Framework. Access Continuum works in conjunction with popular development tools like Jasmine, Cucumber, Karma, Selenium, Appium, and more!

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Develop According to Standards

WCAG 2.0 A, AA, AAA. Section 508, CVAA. Our testing engine has the most automated tests on the market for whatever standards you need to meet, and fewer false positives.

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Fit it into your Flow

Access Continuum works in conjunction with Test Runners, Automated QA Tools, Build Automation Software, Front-End Playgrounds and more! We work with your mobile development, too—automate Android, iOS, hybrid, and mobile-web application accessibility testing.


How easy, you ask? Easy like Sunday morning! Let us show you. Contact us today to set up a demo.