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icon of a video game joystickMost developers aren’t opposed to video game accessibility, but fall victim to many of the myths associated with video game accessibility. Here are some common concerns that are often cited and why you shouldn’t worry about them.

MYTH: Accessibility will break achievements by making them easier

THE REALITY: Many games have achievements that are earned when milestones are reached in the game. Some people argue that achievements would be rendered meaningless if they were able to decrease the difficulty of the game. However, many gamers with disabilities don’t want to top leaderboards or be e-sports superstars; they just want to play the game in the first place, and enjoy the game with others. It is simple enough to indicate to the player that certain achievements are unavailable if accessibility features are enabled.

MYTH: No one is interested in certain accessibility features

THE REALITY: Many developers are under the impression that playing a game in a sandbox mode or by pressing only one button would be so undesirable that it is not even worth implementing the option. However, implementing these features only increases the potential audience. Many gamers with disabilities are interested in playing the game in any capacity that they can. Games with rich, immersive storylines are still fun even if you need to play the battles in an assisted mode.

MYTH: Accessibility features are expensive to implement

THE REALITY: Although many of the most complex accessibility features are difficult and expensive to put into a game, there are many features that are fairly easy to implement, particularly if they are considered while the game is still in the early stages of development.

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