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This four-part series covers core InDesign accessibility concepts in convenient 30-minute sessions. All webinars in the series are available on-demand and include the recorded webinars, slides, and transcripts. Please use the form below to access the series resources, and for more document accessibility training check out the PDF Accessibility Basics Series and MS Word Accessibility Basics Series.

Original Presentation Dates: August/September 2017

InDesign Accessibility Basics: Styles and Tags

Learn how to create accessible styles in InDesign, including naming structure and how to map styles to tags in order to export tags correctly to another format such as MS Word.

InDesign Accessibility Basics: Reading Order

Learn about the importance of reading order, what to avoid, and best practices for ensuring proper reading order in InDesign.

InDesign Accessibility Basics: Forms

Learn how to create accessible text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons by inserting objects and adding labels.

InDesign Accessibility Basics: Conversion to PDF

Learn about exporting tags, conversion settings, and processes for exporting documents to a PDF.