It's official: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility are becoming one! Read the Press Release.

On Monday, November 25, 2019 at 9pm EST, a release will go live to all Level Access-hosted production systems with updates to AMP and Access Assistant. Customers can expect an outage of up to 4 hours at that time. 

Highlights Include:

Toolbox Updates

Access Continuum

Previously, Level Access has made the full version of Access Continuum available to enterprise AMP customers via download from the AMP Toolbox, but these download links will only be available to customers with an active Access Continuum license going forward.

If you have licensed Access Continuum, you will not experience any changes. You will continue having access to the Toolbox area where you can download Access Continuum SDKs and the Continuum Explorer Chrome extension. Stay tuned for much-requested updates in an upcoming release, including automatic updates!

If you have not licensed Access Continuum, you will no longer see the Access Continuum section of the Toolbox. You can still use the version you have downloaded, but you will not be able to download upcoming product updates nor send testing data to your AMP instance. If you are interested in continuing usage with a supported and licensed edition of Access Continuum, please contact your Level Access Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.

Additionally. there are free, limited versions of Access Continuum that will remain publicly available to all users at

AccessJS for Analytics and Alchemy

Level Access customers can now obtain their AccessJS script, used for deployment of Access Analytics and Access Alchemy, from the AMP Toolbox. Customers will no longer need to contact the Support team to deploy Access Analytics or Access Alchemy to their web properties.

Reverting Violation Instances Fields

In late 2018, new fields were added to violation instances to enable data about instances to be entered in separate, sortable fields, and the labels for other fields were edited at the same time. Based on valuable customer feedback, these updates complicated the testing process and decreased readability of AMP reports, so we are reverting these changes, removing the new fields, and renaming the updated fields to their original name. No data will be lost in this process. Any data that was entered in these fields within any reports will be migrated to the corresponding fields in the updated violation instance forms.

New Product Support Email and Address

On November 18, 2019, we will have a new address for the Product Support portal   Along with this change we are also updating the email address for Product Support, which will be Please note these changes in your contact lists and update any bookmarks.  We will maintain a redirect for the old addresses for a short period of time but please make every effort to update your information as soon as you can.

For more details on updates in this release, review the Detailed Release Notes.

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