It's official: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility are becoming one! Read the Press Release.

On Monday, November 9th at 9pm EST, we will be upgrading all Level Access software products. You can expect an outage of up to 4 hours at that time.

This release includes several improvements to Access Engine, AMP, Access University and Access Continuum, as well as three new courses in Access University

Highlights Include:

Access Engine Updates

A number of updates have been made to existing tests in Access Engine. Review the Detailed Release Notes for specifics. All testing products have been updated to use this new version of Access Engine, but AMP will respect the Engine version configurations set for your organizations. Don’t forget to enable the new tests if your organization(s) are not set to use the latest version of Access Engine.

Access University Accessibility Updates & New Courses

A number of accessibility improvements have been made to assessments, course pages, the course search and some other areas of the platform used by Access University to deliver courses.

Additionally, three new courses have been added for all Access University customers:

  • Introduction to AODA for Digital Experts
  • Accessibility in IT Procurement
  • Tips to Author Accessible Sites Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Please contact Level Access Product Support if you would like to add any of these courses to existing cohort assignments within your organization.

Continuum Scripting Framework Improvements

A number of improvements have been made to the Continuum Scripting Framework to expand capabilities and improve ease of use:

  • The Continuum Scripting Framework now supports testing of local files and ShadowDOM content with Iframes.
  • The Framework now makes it easy to specify different execution paths for failures vs. successes.
  • Script authors can now specify whether a test script should fail if at least one accessibility concern is found.

Learn more about all updates to the Continuum Scripting Framework in the README file included with the Framework.

To learn more about the updates included in this release, Detailed Release Notes.

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