It's official: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility are becoming one! Read the Press Release.

Release Details

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 at 9pm ET/6pm PT
  • Expected Outage: Up to 4 hours
  • Updated Products: 
    • AMP
    • Access Engine
    • Access Assistant
    • Access Analytics
    • Access Alchemy
    • Access Continuum

Release Highlights

A New AMP User Experience

The entire AMP user experience and user interface has been updated to improve overall usability. While there have been many updates to the user interface, the basic navigational flow and dashboard arrangement remains largely the same. Projects are now called ‘Assets.’ Reports exist under each Asset, and Assets all roll-up to an organization.

Reports are still associated with testing and offer a snapshot of compliance at a specific point in time. Tests, Reports, and VPAT’s can all be generated at the Asset level.

Read more about the new user experience, or watch our explainer video to learn more.

Access Analytics 3.0 and Access.js

Access Analytics has undergone a complete re-architecture and redesign to take us one step closer to our security and compliance goals for 2018. Largely to ensure GDPR compliance by May 25th, but also to complete some requirements for ISO 27001 certification that is in the works, we are redesigning how we generate the script for Access Analytics and Access Alchemy and how they function behind the scenes.

This affects our customers in a couple ways:

  • Your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager should already have reached out to you to provide you with information about this update and make arrangements to send the replacement script to you. If you have not yet made these arrangements, contact or your Customer Success Manager as soon as possible to get the new script and arrange for support for your deployment.. This script should be replaced as soon as possible after May 29th to ensure continued application support.
  • Analytics data saved prior to May 29th will no longer be displayed in the Access Analytics dashboard. If applicable to your implementation, your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager will already have reached out to you to offer you a download of the data you have saved to date.

For more information about these changes, please read our FAQs and product documentation hosted on the Level Access Product Support site.

Continuum Explorer

Continuum Explorer is the simplest way for developers to test their code for accessibility issues, using “live reloading”, a feature that detects code changes and reloads the context in an active browser. Continuum Explorer flags accessibility issues found on the loaded page and provides the developer with remediation guidance for each violation. With Continuum Explorer, accessibility testing occurs while your developers write code rather than after they commit their code, making it easy for them to write beautiful and accessible code.

Download Continuum Explorer from the AMP Toolbox, if you have an Access Continuum license, or download the community edition of Continuum Explorer from to start testing.

New Continuum Sample Projects

New sample projects are now included out-of-the-box with Access Continuum:

  • Continuum for Protractor
  • Continuum for Jest

Download the professional edition of these sample projects from the Toolbox tab in AMP, if you have an Access Continuum license, or download the community edition on

New AMP Location

All customers who are hosted on the main AMP instance — — should note that the domain for this instance will be changed as of the May 29th release. The new domain will be Please update your bookmarks and links accordingly.