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Webinar | Measuring What Matters: How Merck and Wells Fargo Manage Digital Accessibility Impact at Scale

How do multinational industry leaders Merck and Wells Fargo understand their digital accessibility impact and maintain best-in-class, ADA compliant web experiences for customers of all abilities? Good governance.

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Webinar highlights

Discover tools and strategies for managing digital accessibility success from leaders at Merck and Wells Fargo

In this session, Dr. Stephen Framil, Director & Corporate Global Head of Accessibility, Merck, and Dewayne Walton, VP of Digital Accessibility Governance in Wells Fargo’s Chief Technology Office, spoke with our Chief Product Officer, Andrew Chung, about managing digital accessibility across a multinational enterprise. Our conversation focused on governance: the practice of establishing clear policies, and tracking against to support consistency and sustainability in digital accessibility efforts.

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