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Original Presentation Date: June 5, 2019

Do you find accessibility testing for mobile to be difficult compared to testing websites? You’re not alone. There are different accessibility requirements on different platforms, which are mainly set at the lower code level. Then there’s figuring out the testing method and finding people with the skills, knowledge, tools, and assistive technology to do the job. Wouldn’t it be great if mobile accessibility could be tested as effectively as everything else? Director of Accessibility Research Alistair Garrison says it is possible with gray-box testing. This webinar covers:

  • The difficulties facing mobile developers
  • What works now for organizations like yours
  • Gray-box testing using higher-level, cross-platform tests
  • How this method of testing may work better – and easier – than your current methods

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About the Presenter:

Alistair Garrison- Director of Digital Accessibility Research

Alistair has 18 years experience of auditing websites and developing support tools. He has been involved in W3C groups including the Accessibility Conformance Testing Task Force.