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Continuum: Automate and Expedite Testing

Discover accessibility issues earlier

Save money and avoid costly delays with Continuum.

Continuum is an advanced Software Development Kit (SDK) that leverages automation to help developers find accessibility issues before bugs make their way into a live environment.

Continuum is backed by Access Engine, the market’s most comprehensive testing tool, and it integrates seamlessly into established processes, driving efficiency and saving money.

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Licensed Continuum customers receive:

  • Personalized training and expert support to customize your scripts.
  • Additional guided automatic tests to make your digital experiences accessible and more user-friendly.
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Advanced custom capabilities

Along with robust web and mobile sample projects, Continuum Scripting Framework provides a custom, unique and easy-to-use XML-based language enabling you to author scripts for accessibility testing, without any pre-existing test framework or automation setup. You will benefit from automated accessibility testing at any stage or maturity-level in your development process.

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Experience Continuum in action

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How Continuum works

Access Continuum is easy to set up with documentation to get started. You can then quickly run test results and receive output in either JSON format or an easy-to-read UI export to the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP). By integrating with popular test frameworks, Continuum is compatible with your existing process.

Continuum demo videos

Our integrations include:

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”‹”‹”‹WCAG Conformance Certification, accessibility”‹ s”‹tatements, and VPATs, all centralized on the Level Access Platform.

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