Accessibility Auditing:
Technology + Manual Testing

Comprehensive accessibility testing leverages the efficiencies of technology with expert evaluation and user testing. The best of technology and expertise, with results delivered through the Level Access Platform.

  • Automated and manual testing covering all WCAG success criteria.

  • Testing of most critical user paths on a variety of products.

  • Audits prepared by accessibility experts, including individuals with disabilities.
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Start with a scan

With automated scanning, an algorithm continuously evaluates code to identify certain accessibility errors. A scan will reveal a “health score” based on its findings, providing a baseline to measure improvement over time.

And while having a great web accessibility evaluation tool is key, having a platform that makes sense of the results is crucial. No other platform can provide context and clarity to accessibility findings, with greater visibility to the history of issues identified.

Results of an automated accessibility scan

Practical, actionable results

Automated scans test against WCAG success criteria, often producing hundreds of findings, which can be overwhelming. To truly make strides toward accessibility, you need web accessibility evaluation tools that make tracking findings—and progress—easier. This is where the Level Access Platform comes in.

Our Auto-Match Findings feature automatically matches findings it has detected previously, identifying whether an issue was flagged before, groups results together, and gives you a complete history of the issue. 

It also recognizes issues that have been corrected and closes them, enables you to dismiss false positives (common with every scan), and allows you to sort findings, review their impact, and prioritize addressing them.

Reports are streamlined and actionable to simplify operations and save developer time.

Scanning and monitoring

An agile, user-first approach to accessibility audits

Expert accessibility evaluation is a critical component of any successful, sustainable digital accessibility program. However, an exhaustive, test-everything approach to auditing delivers thousands of results that are unwieldy and unnecessary for most organizations.

We take more of an agile approach to testing, focusing on key user flows: the specific paths users take to complete core tasks, like making a purchase or requesting important information. Testing individual user flows reflects the way real users interact with your experience and empowers teams to align accessibility with organizational priorities.

Get the tests you need, as you need them.

With an agile approach to accessibility testing, you ensure the most critical elements of your digital experience remain barrier-free for everyone. We deliver actionable feedback from expert testers, including people with disabilities, in as few as 10 days—so you can swiftly tackle your highest priority fixes.

  • Stay focused on the areas of your experience that matter most to users
  • Easily prioritize remediation projects that support organizational goals
  • Act quickly to ensure crucial functionality is accessible to all
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How it works

  • Diverse Team

    Diverse team Our team of professional testers, including individuals with disabilities, work from a wealth of experience to identify new errors and verify those that have been fixed.

  • Multiple Technologies icon

    Multiple technologies Our testers evaluate your experience using several assistive technologies on a variety of browsers to ensure accessibility for every combination.

  • Comprehensive Reporting icon

    Comprehensive reporting Reporting aggregates results from automated and manual testing, including our critical path analysis. And we recommend guidance for fixes.

  • progression testing

    Progression testing As you fix accessibility issues and potentially introduce new ones, we keep pace to ensure your experiences remain accessible and you continue meeting your organizational objectives.

Way beyond web

Our manual testing and agile auditing doesn’t begin and end with websites.
Our team has the experience and expertise to evaluate a range of products in your portfolio:

  • Mobile sites
  • Mobile apps
  • Gaming software
  • Embedded software
  • Digital products
  • Digital platforms
  • Desktop applications
  • Hardware

PDF Accessibility Checker

Discover, test, and remediate your PDFs.

With our PDF Accessibility Checker, we’ll automatically discover documents across your site, or you can upload new PDFs. You can then prioritize and perform automated tests on any PDF any time. Detailed reports indicate the accessibility status—with easy-to-read passed / failed indicators for every rule and in-depth descriptions of each.

With one click, you can request remediation. Our team gets to work evaluating based on the PDF/UA standard, which is the universally established standard for PDF accessibility. We then deliver to you an accessible document. And the beauty of it all, is that you never leave the Level Access Platform.

A suite of testing capabilities, one convenient interface.

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Accessibility auditing and testing centralized on the Level Access Platform.

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