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Access Continuum Helps Developers Find Accessibility Issues Earlier

Access Continuum, an advanced Software Developer Kit from Level Access helps developers find accessibility issues earlier with the ease of automation – that means immediate cost savings for teams and avoiding costly delays.

Integrating accessibility checks seamlessly into your regular processes before bugs go live will help you both see real savings in the short-term, and sustain your accessibility goals for the future.

Save precious engineering time, and deliver more to your customers by automating the heavy lifting in your accessibility checks, with Access Continuum the SDK backed by Access Engine, the most advanced accessibility engine on the market.

How Continuum Works

Access Continuum is easy to set up with documentation to get started, then quickly run test results and receive output in either JSON format or easy to read UI export to the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP). By integrating with popular test frameworks, Continuum is compatible with your existing process.

Get More Results

Licensed customers receive:

Personalized training support where you can customize your scripts with expert help
Additional guided automatics tests — making your digital experiences more accessible and user-friendly.

Advanced Custom Capabilities

Along with robust web and mobile sample projects, Continuum Scripting Framework provides a custom, unique and easy to use XML-based language where you can author scripts for accessibility testing, without any pre-existing test framework or automation setup. You can benefit from automated accessibility testing at any stage or maturity-level in your development process.

A laptop showing Access Continuum code working with the Access Engine API

Our Customers Are…


Developers at small, mid-market or corporations who deliver more efficiently with fewer accessibility defects, because they’re testing while they code.

IT Managers

Responsible for organizing repositories and delivering builds on a cadence that meets business needs with accessibility built-in.

Product Managers

Invested in prioritizing work that builds team efficiency, so that accessibility goals become sustainable business-as-usual long-term.

What Customers are Saying

Accessibility: No Longer an Afterthought

“The key to our success is that accessibility is now baked in from the beginning. All teams consider it when designing and building solutions—and not just for compliance. Better accessibility and inclusion benefits everyone. Level Access helped define what accessibility means for not only our organization but the millions of students and recommenders who use the Common App each year.”

A Centralized Solution to Accessibility

“Level Access is helping make our accessibility program more sustainable, providing a centralized solution for consistency, education, and self-service.”

An Essential Part of Running the Business

“Since improving our accessibility, we’ve seen a boost in SEO and organic search rankings. We’ve received great feedback from customers about the improved UX. Accessibility has improved Snapfish for everyone.”