Access Continuum

SDKs for Integrating Accessibility Testing into Your Software Development Lifecycle

Fitting right into your flow

Building accessible software is best accomplished by incorporating accessibility best practices in each stage of development from design to release. Access Continuum is a toolset for adding our rich JavaScript accessibility testing library into your automated testing framework.

With this suite of tools your team can immediately surface common accessibility issues at the outset, so team can then fix these issues early on instead of letting them continue to accumulate and become further entrenched.

  • Close gaps in development testing
  • Patch accessibility holes in your CI/CD
  • Save time by preventing greater remediation work
  • Get immediate reads on issues with steps to fix
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Javascript integration

Unparalleled versatility

Our Access Continuum toolset takes the most advanced accessibility testing engine on the market and makes it the most versatile. A collection of methods provides customers with the flexibility to run all tests or some, according to best practice, specific standards, severity, and more.

Continue to apply different methods of testing throughout your development process to evaluate what you need to at each stage with precision. Our toolkits can simply take advantage of the automated tests you’ve already written, so you can quickly get started with your existing tooling. You can also use our browser extension for developers to test active pages and return results along with live reloading.

The powerful Continuum API provides a number of methods that can be used to test development artifacts, from nodes to pages, for accessibility within existing development processes.

Available integrations

The SDKs include libraries, documentation, and sample projects to help developers or QA automation engineers add accessibility into their test harnesses. Everything you need is included in a single package that’s easy to install so you can focus on testing earlier in the process.

Access Continuum works in conjunction with popular development tools like:

  • Jasmine
  • Cucumber
  • Karma
  • Selenium
  • Protractor
  • Jest
  • Sauce Labs
  • Appium
  • and more!
Tests graphic shows how Access Continuum can be implemented for component tests for accessibility before check-in and for integration tests for accessibility after check-in.
source control and build and test and develop

A better way to approach testing

Many accessibility issues can be found and fixed early in development, which is more cost-effective then having to retrofit after a release.

Plugging Access Continuum into your development practices makes end to end accessibility testing much more manageable and a natural part of your process. This way you can proactively run tests for accessibility issues along with your standard automated checks for other bugs and errors, all in the same place.

Test Early and Often:

  • Easily integrate accessibility into your development lifecycle
  • Take a layered approach to testing with our suite of tools
  • Test incrementally while developing for better efficiency and broader coverage
  • Ensure consistency across all phases of development
  • Prevent critical violations before you release
  • Get detailed, easy to understand test results, which can even be sent to AMP

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