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2020 has been rough, but it’s not without its bright spots! We have been heartened to see so many organizations step up and prioritize digital accessibility. Every step toward a more accessible online world is important because it says to people with disabilities, “We see you, we value you, and we want you to belong here.”

Since we are always reading and sharing best practices and industry news about accessibility, we asked a few of our leaders to share their favorite articles, podcasts, and news from 2020.

Tim Springer headshotTim Springer, CEO

How Will DOJ Enforce Title III of the ADA in a Biden Administration?

  • This is an interesting point of view from Minh Vu and Kristina Launey of Seyfarth Shaw, LLC about what we can expect with the new administration. They nailed their predictions about the Trump administration so I expect they’ll be close to the mark here as well.

Overlay Obstacles & Legal Risks

  • If you follow me, you’ll notice I’ve been writing a lot this year about overlay solutions. This article examines AudioEye’s lawsuit against accessiBe and the implications it could have that would stretch far beyond those two companies.

Is Deploying an Accessibility Overlay or Widget Better Than Doing Nothing?

  • People often believe ‘deploying a widget is better than nothing’… this argues the opposite.

Jonathan Avila, Chief Accessibility Officer

I really enjoyed speaking at the DMV’s Winter Games 2020. The topic was Access Granted: Electronic Games that Everyone Can Play. Gaming not only provides entertainment, but is also a source of community and belonging for many people, so inclusive design is very important.

Sam Joehl, Principal Accessibility Architect

I was a guest on the ACB Advocacy Update and spoke about my work on the FCC working group that wrote recommendations for better quality audio descriptions on television. We also talked about the CVAA, and the accessibility of social media, video games, and other two-way communications for people who are blind, low vision, or deaf-blind.

More on the FCC Disability Advisory Committee’s work can be found on the FCC’s website.

Sarah Schaidt, Accessibility Training & Development Manager

I wanted to give a shout-out to our customer, Publix, for the leaps and bounds they made in accessibility this year. We are so proud of the team there for their hard work and commitment to inclusion.

I loved this TechTalk by Alexandra Grossi of IBM Accessibility. It’s all about inclusive design.

I also really enjoyed presenting at CSUN 2020 on Accessible Gaming Consoles & Streaming Devices. I can’t wait to present again at CSUN 2021. This year, I’ll be presenting on creating accessible online presentations with my colleague Meaghan Roper.

And speaking of Meaghan, she started a podcast this year about assistive technology that will be taking a deep dive into AT-related topics with many special guests. I was on the first episode talking about assistive technology in general, and Roy Nickelson was on the second episode to share his expertise on JAWS.

See ya, 2020!

Best wishes for a peaceful and healthy 2021 from all of us at Level Access!